* * * * * * price reduction * * * * * * valid april 20 to 30 2014

Hotel Blau Mediterraneo, Sa Coma

Reductions per person/night
all types of single rooms: EURO 15
all types of double rooms: EURO 12
subject to availability!

our newest partner hotel - hm tropical in playa de palma

right on the lively playa de palma

Modern, newly renovated 4-star hotel HM Tropical right on the beautiful beach promenade and only 200m from the cycling station Gran Fiesta.

* * Sea of ​​flowers in Andalusia * *

Andalusia, discover the original Spain by bicycle!

Great beaches, varied hinterland, the culture of sherry, horses and bull breeding. Simply fantastic!

training, wellness and recovery at colonia sant jordi

Blau Colonia Sant Jordi Resort & Spa: may 1st to 18th no single surcharge!

Cycling, running, swimming, tennis, golf, hiking, etc. Then relax in the modern, spacious wellness area or enjoy a massage.